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Let's stop filling garbage & recycling bags full of cards and wrapping paper

With joywrap, you can eliminate the waste and simplify gift-giving celebrations for years to come.


Reuse the wrap!

Use the same piece of joywrap for different occasions throughout the year. It's not just for Christmas!

You can use the same piece of joywrap hundreds of times (even wash, dry and iron it!) and it will never lose its sound.


Joywrap Product Features

Wrap gifts in seconds!

Easy to use - no scissors or tape required!


Wraps and Santa sacks are 100% reversible. Change up the look and use both sides for different occasions.

Washer, Dryer & Iron-Safe

Iron on low inwards from the edges to return it to its original condition.


Made with recycled, BPA-free & non-toxic materials.

Made in Canada

With love.

Save trees

A tree is planted for each piece of joywrap purchased.

Joywrap is Easy-to-Use & Re-use, Reversible, Sustainable & Stress-Free. No scissors or tape required!

See how it works in the video below. 
Make sure your sound is on - that’s the best part!

Joywrap sounds like wrapping paper!

Thanks to non-toxic & BPA-free material inside the fabric layers, joywrap makes the same fun & nostalgic sounds as traditional wrapping paper, but WITHOUT ANY OF THE WASTE!


Make it custom!

Design your own novelty joywrap using photos, logos, text or a loved one's face!

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The 5 Gift Christmas Kit

Make every Christmas stress-free, waste-free and full of joy & meaning! 

The joywrap 5 Gift Christmas Kit is a set of 2 reversible & reusable joywraps, 3 Santa sacks & 5 gift tags that pack away for easy storage!


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