6 Ways to Reduce Stress This Holiday Season

6 Ways to Reduce Stress This Holiday Season

If the holidays leave you feeling more stressed than blessed, here are 6 positive changes you can make this year:


1. Plan to reduce your spending: Create a Christmas budget and find creative ways to stay within it. Handmade gifts can be the best gifts, and making something with your hands can be a great way to calm your nerves.


2. Shop local: To ensure safety, many stores are now offering online shopping and curbside pick up or local delivery. Smart businesses like @mrsgreenway are even offering appointment bookings for private holiday shopping! How’s that for stress-free?!


3. Reduce your footprint: Focusing on ways to be more green this holiday season will help you stay focused on the big picture and avoid decisions that will be ladened with feelings of guilt later on (extra garbage bags full of wrapping paper on Christmas morning, we’re looking at you!)


4. Get your family involved in giving back: Not only will this put things in perspective and support those in need, it will help your family appreciate what they already have and increase gratitude for anything more.


5. Manage expectations: Create a new tradition with your family to establish clear expectations and limit the number of gifts. A Secret Santa draw can be helpful and so can joywrap’s 5 Gift Rule: Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read and something to give to someone else in need. Click the link in bio to download a 5 Gift Wish List printable for you to share with your kids.


6. Prioritize your well-being: Make an extra effort to limit treats and drinks and compensate with extra-nourishing food. Make time for yoga or exercise that feels good and fills your cup. Even if the weather turns, make an effort to get outside for fresh air and quiet time for yourself. Remember that the best kind of giving comes from a full cup!


One of my favourite yoga teachers Ryan Leier often shares the mantra “too blessed to be stressed”. Let’s all remember that this holiday season!