Eco-Friendly Easter Bunny Wrap

Here's a cute & eco-friendly way to wrap a gift this Easter!

A 32" piece of joywrap works really well with a 1L mason jar or similar-size item to wrap. 

Bunny Wrap

If you don’t have joywrap, you can use any square piece of fabric around the same size to get a similar result.

Read on below for detailed instructions...

  • Place the jar in the centre of the square with the bottom of the jar in line with the side corners.

  • Bring the bottom corner up to the top to make a triangle shape.

  • Twist the sides upwards around the jar.

  • Bring the corners together and wrap an elastic or some twine above the top of the jar.

  • Tuck the roll of fabric from under the jar to in behind the jar and stand the jar upright.

  • Put something in the ‘ears’ to make them stand (I used reusable straws).

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