Every day is Earth Day at joywrap!

Every day is Earth Day at joywrap!

Did you know that we celebrate every day like it’s Earth Day at joywrap? We plant a tree for each piece of joywrap we make!

Over here at joywrap HQ, you’ll find us spending Earth Day in our backyard.

When we moved here, we inherited a beautiful English garden. Since we moved in at the beginning of the summer, our time and energy was spent on building raised beds and planting vegetables. 

We didn’t pay much attention to the flower gardens until they were in full bloom (and then you couldn’t help but pay attention to how gorgeous they were!) but by then they were also surrounded by weeds and overgrowth.

Since the coronavirus pandemic will have us spending more time in our backyard this season, we are celebrating Earth Day in our backyard by getting a jumpstart on the backyard gardens.

Our first step is a spring clean up that includes:

  • Removing dead leaves, stalks and other debris from the grass and planting beds
  • Working some compost into the soil and getting ahead of any signs of weeds
  • Removing shrub shelters and pruning 
  • Cleaning out the shed
  • Digging up some mint to replant in our indoor herb garden

We are also going to plan the vegetable garden in our raised planter beds. Last year was our first year and we learned so much. We also ate SO MANY SPINACH SALADS. It was amazing. 

We designed our raised beds from what we learned in Tara Nolan’s informative book, Raised Bed Revolution. We posted an ad on kijiji with the details and we found someone to build them for us. 


We used an app called my green space for planning the layout and ordered nutrient-rich soil from LadyBugBag.com. Our friends Tim and Nathan came over and helped to fill up the beds and we shared the left over soil with our neighbours.

Through the growing season, we learned that zucchini and everest broccoli take up a lot of space. Considering what they produced, we decided to move the zucchini to the back garden and will probably skip the broccoli this year. We will also stagger planting of spinach and other greens so they will be in different stages of growth at all times. 

We were excited to learn that Masterclass launched their first-ever gardening class in honour of Earth Day, so we are going to watch that before we finalize this year’s garden plans.

We are lucky that so many local nurseries are offering curbside pick up so that we can get a headstart on the garden while we have all this time at home. Early spring is a good time to plant new trees, shrubs and hardy perennial borders, so we’ll take advantage of that at our local TERRA Garden Centre.

We hope that you have the opportunity to get your hands dirty in celebration of Earth Day. And if social distancing is leaving you craving hugs, remember that you can still hug trees!