How to Wrap with a 5 Gift Pack

How to Wrap with a 5 Gift Pack

Okay, so you got the 5 Gift Kit and you're all set for a more sustainable Christmas. Now what?


Inside your 5 Gift Kit you will find a 25" joywrap, a 32" joywrap, small, medium and extra large joywrap Santa sacks and a small red pouch with 5 reusable gift tags and a chalk marker.

Once you have the 5 gifts together that you'd like to wrap:


Start with the 25" joywrap! You might need try wrapping a few of your gifts to see which ones will fit and look the best.


TIP: This size is usually perfect for a "something to read" gift. Here are step-by-step instructions to do a nice side knot when wrapping a book (or anything else with a flat, rectangular shape).


Next wrap with the 32" joywrap! You can find some more wrapping tips here.


TIP: Upcycle the packaging sleeve. joywrap's packaging comes with tags printed on the inside so you can cut them out and use them for 4 different occasions throughout the year.



Starting with small, fill the 3 sizes of joywrap Santa sacks with your remaining presents.


TIP: If the biggest gift doesn't fill the extra large Santa sack, consider stuffing a blanket or towels inside with the gift for extra filler. The sacks look especially great when they're all puffed up!

TIP: If you don't have a big gift to give, or if one of your gifts is a gift card, consider leaving out one of the bags and using the small pouch that your gift tags came in instead. Need a GIVE gift idea? Check out this blog post.

Use the chalk marker to write on each gift tag. Make a mistake? Just use a damp cloth to wipe it away! These tags are meant to be erased & reused for many years to come!


Attach each tag to its corresponding gift. The twine loop can be tied into the Santa sacks' bows and looped around the corners of joywrap. You can also tuck the gift tags into the knot.

Now get ready for the easiest & guilt-free (no waste!) Christmas clean up ever!


We want to see how it all looks under your tree! Tag @joywrap.giftwrap in photos and/or use the hashtag #joywrap 


The 5 Gift Kit is designed to all fit back inside the medium Santa sack for easy storage. 


Don't forget that joywrap is 100% reversible so you can change up the look each time you wrap. 

Joywrap is not just for Christmas. Use it throughout the year for all your gift-giving celebrations! 

Don't forget! We'd love to see how it all looks under your tree! Tag @joywrap.giftwrap in photos and/or use the hashtag #joywrap