Nothing says “Secret Santa” like a gift wrapped with your face!

Nothing says “Secret Santa” like a gift wrapped with your face!

What started as a joke for some friends has become one of our most requested products - custom joywrap!

We started with caricatures of faces but we’ve been making joywrap with family pet photos, family photos, brand logos & more.   

We wish we could show you more, but we don't want to ruin anyone's surprise!

Have an idea for custom joywrap?

Just follow these simple steps:

Step #1: Select your size and colour options.

25" - ideal for books & small boxes | 32" - ideal for clothing and larger boxes

Reverse Side Colour Options:  Solid Red Solid Teal

Step #2: Upload your images and make note of any colours or design features.

Step #3: Submit your order and then you'll receive a customized joywrap draft for you to review.

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In case you're wondering, Craig has re-used his custom Joywrap 9 times already since Christmas! 

It was the perfect gift wrap for his nephew's birthday soccer ball, his Dad's birthday tools and my Valentine's Day surprise.

Plus having your face on it takes away all the awkwardness of asking for your gift wrap back. ;)

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