Pre-Order Your Custom Joywrap Today!

Pre-Order Your Custom Joywrap Today!

THE PRE-ORDER WINDOW IS OPEN! Custom joywrap gift wrap AND gift bags in ALL SIZES are available for pre-order! I’m thrilled to be able to help you make your own custom joywrap, guaranteed to become a special part of your holiday celebrations. A fun and sustainable family tradition that will last for many, many years to come! 

joywrap is reversible, reusable, Furoshiki-inspired fabric gift wrap and gift bags. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to traditional wrapping paper. It makes the same fun and nostalgic sounds as traditional wrapping paper, but without any of the waste.

Now you can make your own novelty joywrap using photos, logos, names, images & more!

Just upload your images and colour selections, and we will follow up with a draft design. We can work together until you are completely happy with your custom joywrap design.

Joywrap is 100% reversible, so you can wrap your design on the inside or out.

$20 upgrade per item, or customize a whole 5 Gift Kit (1 of each size wrap and bag) for an added $65 ($35 discount!).

Mix, match and make your own special custom 5 Gift Kit for your family!
5 gift kit
Pre-orders ship mid-November. You will also get updates on the shipping status as the pre-order gets closer to shipping.


Small joywrap - 25” square
Large joywrap - 32” square
Small gift bag - 8” W x 18” H
Medium gift bag - 15” W x 21” H
Extra Large Santa Sack - 26” W x 36” H

  • Double-sided and 100% reversible. The gift bags have a drawstring tie on both sides so you can change up the look from year to year and occasion to occasion!
  • Easily wrap gifts in seconds - No scissors, no tape, no mess, no waste!
  • Machine washable. Iron on low from the edges inwards to return joywrap to its original condition (it won’t lose its sound!)
  • High quality fabrics and made to last for many, many years to come. 
  • 1 tree is planted through for each joywrap sold 
  • Made with love in Canada
Make joywrap part of a new, sustainable family tradition that will make your kids and grandkids proud!

Click here to make your custom joywrap.