Something to GIVE...

Something to GIVE...

One of the questions we get most about our 5 Gift Christmas Kit is what’s the “Something to GIVE” tag all about? We’re glad you’ve asked because that’s our favourite tag and a big part of what makes joywrap’s 5 Gift Christmas so special!

The GIVE gift is a gift for someone in need that you give on behalf of the receiver.

My traditional GIVE gift to my husband is a child sponsorship through Plan Canada and I also shop their website for Gifts of Hope.

Many of the gifts are matched donations, and you'll be sure to find something that suits the interests or personality of the person you are giving the GIVE gift to. 

Other ideas are a donation to a Christmas tree drive or favourite charity, a Kiva gift card where the receiver can choose where to invest or a Choose Love gift card (in US funds) where the receiver can shop online to help refugees.

Having conversations with loved ones about what they want their “GIVE” gift to be leads to the most meaningful conversations! The 5th gift bolsters a sense of gratitude, contribution and higher purpose. It embodies the spirit of Christmas and it makes everyone feel good! 🥰

According to a study published in Harvard Business School’s Journal of Happiness, “People valued gifts they purchased for others more than gifts they bought for themselves. And when those “givers” completed a personal satisfaction scale, they consistently scored higher than those who purchased gifts only for themselves.”

This holiday season, read and watch movies with your family about valuing giving over receiving. You’ll be inspired by the meaningful questions and conversations that arise!

Brainstorm together how your family can have a positive impact this Christmas. There is no shortage of people who can benefit from your generosity and the lessons you are living and teaching your kids.🎄❤️

Get your family members started with a 5 Gift Christmas by downloading joywrap’s 5 Gift Christmas Wish List.