The 5 Gift Christmas is the Perfect Solution for a Post-Pandemic Christmas Morning

The 5 Gift Christmas is the Perfect Solution for a Post-Pandemic Christmas Morning

This pandemic is going to change what’s under the Christmas tree for a whole lot of families this year.

Whether your family income has been affected and/or out of solidarity with the families who won’t be able to buy as many gifts this year, now is the perfect time to introduce the 5 Gift Christmas at your house.

The 5 Gift Christmas concept was born from the same idea as create sustainable new traditions that simplify, reduce waste and excess, and that make a positive impact in the world. 

Here’s how the 5 Gift Christmas works.

Each family member gets a total of 5 gifts under the tree and they are as follows:

#1. Something they WANT

#2. Something they NEED

#3. Something to WEAR

#4. Something to READ

#5. Something to GIVE to someone else in need

We did the 5 Gift Christmas at our house for the first time last year and it was amazing.

On Christmas eve, we had everything wrapped and under the tree in minutes. It left us with more time to enjoy our family and we were more rested on Christmas morning since we didn’t have to stay up into the night wrapping gifts.

Since our 5 gifts were wrapped in joywrap and joywrap Santa sacks, it sounded just like every other Christmas morning. The baby even opened her gifts herself and had as much fun playing with the fun-sounding joywrap as she had playing with her actual gifts.

The clean up was so fast and we literally had zero waste. It felt amazing to know that we were not contributing a single thing to the estimated 540,000 tonnes of wrapping paper waste that ends up in Canadian landfills after Christmas each year.

It was the least stressful and most rewarding Christmas by far. No black garbage bags in sight, not even the recycling bin, and still 100% of the fun. Even more fun because it was guilt-free!

Because we only bought a few gifts, each one was purchased with thought, intention and care. There was time and space to focus on each gift as we opened them, and to fully experience gratitude, rather than just moving on to the next one and the next. 

Contrary to what you might think, many studies show that there are more benefits to having fewer gifts under the Christmas tree. Stay tuned because we’ll be talking about those in upcoming blog posts.

We’ll also be talking about how to introduce the 5 Gift Christmas idea to your family in ways that everyone will be inspired. Stay tuned!