Why the 5 Gift Rule is the perfect solution for Christmas this year

This pandemic is going to change what’s under the Christmas tree for a lot of families this year.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

There are lots of studies showing long-term negative impacts of kids getting too many gifts for Christmas.

So maybe this year is an opportunity for positive change.

The opportunity for more mindful and intentional gift giving.

Maybe that means shopping local and adopting joywrap’s 5 Gift Christmas rule:

#1. One thing you WANT

#2. One thing you NEED

#3. One thing you WEAR

#4. One thing you READ

#5. One thing to GIVE to someone else in need

Whether your family income has been affected or out of solidarity with the families who won’t be able to buy as many gifts this year, now is the perfect time to introduce a 5 Gift Christmas at your house.

We at joywrap HQ are excited to help support your family embrace more sustainable Christmas traditions!

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