Wrap a Mason Jar, Easter Bunny-Style!

Wrap a Mason Jar, Easter Bunny-Style!

Easter Joywrap

Did you hear that the Easter Bunny has been declared as an essential service provider during this quarantine?

Now it's time to get creative with Easter gifts (and gift wrap!) so you don’t need to leave the house.

Put some scrap paper and a marker or pen in a mason jar. Using a large piece of joywrap (or any 32” square piece of fabric), wrap it up, Easter Bunny-style!

Mason Jar Bunny

Here are a few ideas for using the mason jar with your family during the pandemic:

#1. A Happy Jar!

Have the members of your family write down something that made them happy each day to put in the jar. When the stack of scrap paper is gone, or whenever you’re in need of a positive mood boost, sit down and read through the notes together.

#2. A Things-to-do-when-the-quarantine-ends Jar!

Encourage your family members to write it down when they think of something they miss because of the quarantine. Your jar will fill up with ideas of places to go, people to see and things to do. Once the quarantine ends, you and your family can pick random notes from the jar and head out on adventures!

#3. A Honey-Do Jar!

Pre-fill the jar with notes of things you’ll do for your partner and/or kids…Clean their room, take out the trash, give them a massage, make their favourite meal…let your creative juices and generosity flow!

#4. An Affirmations Jar!

Pre-fill the jar with handwritten quotes and affirmations. Encourage your family members to draw a note from the jar whenever they need to feel uplifted. You will also feel uplifted from writing out your favourites!

#5. A Love & Gratitude Jar!

Pre-fill the jar with personalized love and gratitude notes. Your partner and kids will LOVE picking random notes out of the jar and reading about how loved and valued they are.

For you, the process of thinking about and writing down their lovable qualities will help you focus on and notice even more examples of those qualities you love…This is especially helpful when you’ve been sharing the same space together for a little more time than is comfortable!

Bunny Wrap

Once your jar is ready, you can wrap it up, Easter-bunny style. If you don’t have a 32” piece of joywrap like the one in the photos, you can use any square piece of fabric around the same size to get a similar result. Read below for detailed instructions.

  • Place the jar in the centre of the square with the bottom of the jar in line with the side corners.
  • Bring the bottom corner up to the top to make a triangle shape.
  • Twist the sides upwards around the jar.
  • Bring the corners together and wrap an elastic or some twine above the top of the jar.
  • Tuck the roll of fabric from under the jar to in behind the jar and stand the jar upright.
  • Put something in the ‘ears’ to make them stand (I used reusable straws).

Have a healthy & happy Easter!