joywrap gift wrap

Christmas Floral + Red
Trees + Teal
Cats + Red
Bear & Buffalo Plaid + Teal
Vintage Cars + Red
Fern + Teal
Tie Dye + Pink
Floral + Pink

You feel guilty about throwing out garbage bags full of wrapping paper and you want to set a better example for the next generation, right?

But then again, you don’t want to take the fun out of unwrapping gifts…

We hear you! And that’s why we created joywrap.

joywrap is reusable & reversible fabric gift wrap that makes the same fun and nostalgic sounds as traditional wrapping paper, but WITHOUT ANY OF THE WASTE!

You can re-use joywrap within your own family or give it away as part of a gift (or the gift itself!) for someone else to re-use.

The same piece of joywrap will last for YEARS and you can wrap it differently and re-use it for different occasions throughout the year. It’s not just for Christmas!

joywrap’s recycled packaging sleeve comes with a set of gift tags printed on the inside so you can upcycle the cardboard on 4 different occasions.

The 25” square is the perfect size for books, small boxes and clothing.

The 32” square is the perfect size for shoeboxes, wine bottles, boardgames and larger clothing items like jackets.

*Buy a matching set of both sizes for a discounted price!*

For a simple wrap, place the gift in the centre of the wrap on a diagonal. Bring the two sides together, tie a knot, turn it sideways and tie a second knot.

BPA-free & non-toxic materials.

Washer, Dryer, Iron safe.

Get ready to feel really good about wrapping gifts. Clean up is a breeze and you get to feel good knowing that you’re not contributing to all the unnecessary waste. Your kids and grandkids will be proud!

Want to make your own custom joywrap? Click here to learn how!