5 gifts Christmas kit

Christmas Floral + Red
Trees + Teal
Cats + Red
Bear & Buffalo Plaid + Teal
Vintage Cars + Red

Joywrap’s 5 Gifts Kit includes re-usable, sustainable & zero waste packaging for 5 gifts, plus tags (option of 5 Gifts tags or Season's Greetings tags).

We know that Christmas can be overwhelming and the number of gifts can get out of control.

joywrap’s 5 Gifts Kit gives you a clear plan to Christmas success by constraining expectations, overwhelm and excess.

Each family member gets a total of 5 gifts:

⁣#1. One gift they WANT⁣

⁣#2. One gift they NEED⁣

⁣#3. One gift to WEAR⁣

⁣#4. One gift to READ⁣

⁣#5. One gift to GIVE to someone else in need⁣

joywrap’s 5 Gifts Kit includes everything you need to execute! Re-usable, sustainable & zero waste packaging for all 5 gifts, plus tags (option of 5 Gifts tags or Season’s Greetings tags).

Everything is reversible so you can change up the look from year to year!

Plus it all packs away quickly and easily. No big mess to clean up on Christmas morning and no extra bags of trash to contribute to landfill! 

Each 5 Gift Kit Includes the following:

25" square joywrap 

32" square joywrap

small joywrap sacks (18" x 8")

medium joywrap sack (21" x 15")

extra-large joywrap sack (35" x 26")

5 reusable gift tags (option of 5 Gifts or Season's Greetings tags)