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Assorted Bath Bomb Greeting Card 4 Pack Bundle

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Bundle 4 styles of bath bomb greeting cards & save!

Happy Birthday 
With Love 
Thinking of You 
Thank You

Upcycling at its finest!

Turn traditional greeting cards into a whole, new experience that leaves no waste or harmful residue behind!

Seriously, these greeting cards completely dissolve in the bathwater, creating a bath bomb experience, complete with fizz, scents and colour!

Made from all-natural ingredients, 100% pure essential oils, eco-friendly & food-grade materials.

Handmade with love in Canada!

Your choice of relaxing lavender scent with purple water or uplifting eucalyptus scent with turquoise water.

All with the same message inside..."You're the bomb!...and so is this card". 🤣

Bath bomb bundles are shipped to you with open envelopes so that you can write your own messages in the cards and send them. You can use a regular pen.