joywrap gift sacks

Christmas Floral + Red
Trees + Teal
Cats + Red
Bear & Buffalo Plaid + Teal
Vintage Cars + Red
Fern + Teal
Floral + Pink
Tie Dye + Pink

joywrap gift sacks are reversible & reusable fabric gift bags that make the same fun and nostalgic sounds as traditional wrapping paper, but WITHOUT ANY OF THE WASTE!

You can re-use joywrap gift sacks within your own family or give them away as part of a gift (or the gift itself!) for someone else to re-use.

joywrap gift sacks come in 3 sizes (small, medium and extra-large) and will last for YEARS and can even be washed, dried and ironed without losing their sound.

They are 100% reversible so you can change up the look for different occasions!

You can buy them all separately or together at a discount as part of joywrap's 5 Gift Kit.

BPA-free & non-toxic materials.

Washer, Dryer, Iron safe.

Get ready to feel really good about wrapping gifts. Clean up is a breeze and you get to feel good knowing that you’re not contributing to unnecessary waste. Your kids and grandkids will be proud!


Small joywrap sacks (18" x 8")

Medium joywrap sack (21" x 15")

Extra-Large joywrap sack (35" x 26")