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Set of 2 size joywrap gift wraps (large 32" and small 25")

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Set of 2 size joywrap gift wraps (large 32" and small 25") Reversible, Reusable, Eco-Friendly, Furoshiki-inspired Fabric Wrapping Paper Alternative.

Enjoy The Looks On Their Faces As They Unwrap Their Gifts - Without The Guilt Of Wasteful Wrapping Paper - With Reversible, Reusable Joywrap!

  • Set of 25” square joywrap (perfect size for books, small boxes and clothing) and a 32” square joywrap (perfect size for shoeboxes, wine bottles, boardgames and larger clothing items like jackets)

  • With joywrap, you still get the same crinkling sounds like traditional wrapping paper to add a spark of fun for every holiday occasion

  • Each joywrap is 100% reversible, giving you different looks for different events. Washer, dryer & iron-safe too!

  • Save money by buying reusable joywrap gift wrap instead of spending on traditional wrapping paper each time you give a gift

  • Wrap gifts in seconds - no scissors, no tape, no mess, no waste!

    The Fun, Crinkling, Nostalgic Sounds Of Wrapping Paper Are A Must For Any Present-Opening Moment - And Now You Can Have It Without The Trash!

    There’s something so simple and pure about opening a gift - the sound of the wrapping paper as we slide our fingers through it, the fun of the unboxing, and the hugs of thanks we share. It’s pure joy!

    But afterward, it can be hard to feel that same joy when looking at a mountain of torn, unusable wrapping paper, just waiting to be thrown out.

    With joywrap, you can savour those special moments in all their crinkling, loud, unwrapping glory - without the guilt and garbage.

    joywrap will have a big impact, as your family makes it a part of their gift wrapping and gift exchanges for years. Plus - you definitely won’t miss the clean-up and waste!

    With this reversible, reusable gift wrap, you’ll make those special moments like Christmas and birthdays even better knowing you’re setting a good example for the young ones in your family.

    (And speaking of family, did we mention you can make your own custom joywrap? Click here to learn how to add your favourite people, pets and more to their own reusable gift wrap!) 

    We created joywrap because we believe giving gifts should be about unwrapping joy, not creating garbage. 

    Get ready to feel good about wrapping gifts, and help your family celebrate guilt-free with your own joywrap. Order yours today!

    Easy-To-Use Joywrap Wraps Gifts In Seconds - Saving Yourself The Hassle of Scissors, Tape and Glue So You Can Focus On The Joy Of The Moment

    • For a simple wrap, place the gift in the centre of the wrap on a diagonal.

    • Bring the two sides together, tie a knot, turn it sideways and tie a second knot.

    • No scissors or tape required!

      Wrapping Paper & Gift Bags That Last For Years
      Set a great example for your kids and grandkids as you use and reuse your joywrap for their gifts (or let them pass it along!), creating a wonderful way for your family to bond over special occasions without the unnecessary waste.

      Upcycled Gift Tags & Compostable Shipping Material
      Not only will you be reducing waste with joywrap itself, but each joywrap also comes with a recycled packing sleeve that you can upcycle into a set of gift cards for 4 different occasions.

      Made With All The Right Stuff
      From our family to yours, we know how important it is to make sure the things you buy are made the right way. That’s why each joywrap is made from BPA-free & non-toxic materials so you can feel good about using it with your loved ones for years! Products are shipped in recycled & compostable materials.

      Money-Back Guarantee
      If you're not happy with your order for any reason, we'll make it right.