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Reusable Gift Tags, Cork & Chalkboard

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Reusable Gift Tags, Cork & Chalkboard Gift Tags. All The Fun - Without The Trash!

joywrap gift tags come in a set of 5 different designs. Chalk marker included:

  • 5 Gifts Christmas Set

  • Seasons’ Greetings Variety Pack

  • Everyday Occasions to use year-round

There’s something so simple and pure about opening a gift - the sound of the wrapping paper as we slide our fingers through it, the fun of the unboxing, and the hugs of thanks we share. It’s pure joy!

But afterward, it can be hard to feel that same joy when looking at a mountain of torn, wasteful wrapping paper and gift tags, just waiting to be thrown out.

With joywrap, you can savour those special moments - without the guilt and garbage.

Reusable joywrap gift tags are a little thing, but they will have a big impact as your family makes them a part of their gift wrapping and gift exchanges for years. Plus - you definitely won’t miss the clean-up and waste!

With reusable gift tags, you’ll make those special moments like Christmas and birthdays even better knowing you’re setting a good example for the young ones in your family.

We created joywrap because we believe giving gifts should be about unwrapping joy, not creating garbage. 

With cork on one side and chalkboard on the other, you can personalize, erase and reuse these gift tags again and again!

These gift tags work well with chalk markers and wipe clean with a small amount of water on a cloth.

Get ready to feel good about wrapping gifts, and help your family celebrate guilt-free with your own joywrap reusable cork and chalkboard gift tags. Order yours today!